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Groundworks project
Groundworks project
Groundworks project

The following is an indication of the groundwork services we provide.

  • Blockwork
  • Brickwork
  • Beam and Block Flooring
  • Concreting works of all types, including roller/beam tamped, brushed or power floated, or open aggregate finishes. 
  • Demolition services, including crushing and recycling of recovered materials, and asbestos removal.
  • Drainage works of all types, including sewers and sewage treatment plants, stormwater drains and soakaways and land drainage.
  • Earthworks including reduce level dig, relocation and compaction or cart away services.
  • Foundation works of all types, including strip or mass fill, groundbeams, piled with ring beams or pads with holding down bolts.
  • Greywater recycling systems.
  • In house setting out, measurement and control, using the latest total stations and gradient rotating laser levels.
  • Provision of design services if required, be it aesthetic, detailed or structural.  
  • Underpinning operations.